Unincorporated Multnomah County

We investigate reported land use, right-of-way or solid waste & recycling code violations in the unincorporated areas of Multnomah County.

We are not able to address enforcement issues under a city’s zoning code. If the home or business is within a city’s jurisdiction, please contact the city’s code compliance program to file a complaint. 

Fairview | Gresham | Maywood Park | Portland | Troutdale | Wood Village

What issues does this office address?

The most common code violations enforced by us are:

  • Non-permitted buildings or structures
  • Non-permitted commercial uses 
  • Non-permitted dwelling uses
  • Non-permitted fill or excavation

Learn more about our Regulations and the Code Violations that we enforce. 

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Are you considering purchasing property in Unincorporated Multnomah County?

  • Prospective buyers are encouraged to schedule a virtual appointment with a Land Use Planner on Duty prior to purchase of any property in unincorporated Multnomah County in order to research identified code violations and other potential issues.

Reporting Health Issues

Reporting Animal Concerns

  • Animal Nuisances such as dangerous or barking dogs, and pet trespassing on private property
  • Vector Control for chicken, bees and farm animal concerns