• Candidates are only able to apply up to 3 positions.
  • Candidates may be selected for an interview based on their cover letter and resume. 
  • Interviews are during the month of April.
  • Internships begin during the month of May or June, depending on the candidate availability. 

Office of Chair Deborah Kafoury

Policy Internship (185.81 KB)

Non Departmental (Non D)

Energy, Climate & Equity Intern (80.32 KB)

Communications Photography Intern (184.44 KB)

Assistant Management Auditor Internship (165.81 KB)

Research & Communications Intern (597.59 KB)

Department of County Human Services (DCHS)

Research & Evaluation Assistant (349.49 KB)

Gateway Center Navigator/Advocate Intern (204.14 KB)

Case Management Intern (164.77 KB)

Case Management Intern (187.66 KB)

Adult Protective Services Intern (177.71 KB)

Gateway Center Navigator/Advocate Intern (346.08 KB)

Youth & Family Services (176.62 KB)

Visual Storytelling Internship (188.07 KB)

MIL Evaluation & Research Intern (171.24 KB)


Rockwood Library Makerspace Intern (85.96 KB)

Summer Reading Program Intern (101.11 KB)

Location Services Intern (86.54 KB)

Sheriff's Office (MCSO)

Location Services Intern (81.76 KB)

Equity and Inclusion (83.37 KB)

Law Enforcement Support Intern/Civil Service (77.82 KB)

Department of Community Services (DCS)

Elections Voter Education & Outreach Program Intern (106.33 KB)

Department of County Assets (DCA) 

IT Help Desk Internship (380.45 KB)

IT Project Management Internship (365.58 KB)

Construction Project Management Internship (372.62 KB)

Community Engagement and Communications Intern--Library Capital Bond Program (62.83 KB)

Facilities Compliance Coordinator Internship (82.17 KB)

Communications Intern

Department of Community Justice (DCJ)

Research and Evaluation Internship (360.92 KB)

Communications Internship (383.31 KB)

Administrative Procedures Internship (389.91 KB)

Probation & Parole Internship (476.38 KB)

Hands of Wonder & Youth Leadership Intern

Department of County Management (DCM)

Organizational Learning Intern (74.39 KB)

Classification & Compensation Specialist Internship (388.77 KB)

Finance Internship (495.75 KB)

Learning Garden Education Intern

Central Budget Office Internship (362.35 KB)

Future of Work C2C Internship (148.84 KB)

Organizational Change Intern

DART College Internship (157.29 KB)

Health Department

Quality Management / Prevention Intern

Information Technician Intern

Equity & Inclusion Intern

Accounts Payable Intern

Engagement and Outreach Internship (362.79 KB)