Candidates are only able to apply up to 4 positions.

  • Candidates may be selected for an interview based on their cover letter and resume
  • Interviews will take place during the month of April and May.
  • Internships begin during the month June, depending on the candidate availability 
  • Click here to apply

Non Departmental

Chair's Office - Policy Internship

ODE - Equity & Inclusion Communications Internship

Auditor - Communications & Engagement Internship

Auditor - Ombudsperson Community Engagement Internship

Office of Community Involvement - Partnerships and Communications Internship

Office of Sustainability - Energy, Climate, and Equity Internship

Department of Community Justice (DCJ)

DCJ - Parole/Probation Domestic Violence Unit - Internship - Multiple positions (one - two)

DCJ - Assessment & Evaluation (A&E) Internship

DCJ - Communications Internship

DCJ - Workforce Equity Assistant Internship

DCJ - Hands of Wonder and Community Interface Internship - Multiple Positions (two)

DCJ - Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Internship


Department of Community Services (DCS)

DCS - Engineering Internship - Multiple Positions

DCS - Joe Rogers Voter Education and Outreach Internship

DCS - Safety & Emergency Management Internship

DCS - Transportation Planning and Development Internship


Department of Community Assets (DCA)

DCA - Facilities Compliance Coordinator Internship

DCA - Building Data Management Center Architectural Internship - Multiple (two)

DCA - Interiors Project Management Internship

DCA - Records & Archives Internship

DCA - IT Project Management Internship

DCA - Library Capital Building Projects Events Internship

DCA - IT Help Desk Internship

DCA - Equity and Inclusion Internship

DCA - IT Business Systems Analyst Internship

DCA - Director’s Office Communications Internship

DCA - Facilities Compliance together with Facilities Administration. Both are part of the Facilities & Property Management Division


Department of County Human Services (DCHS)

DCHS - Gateway Center Navigator/Advocate Internship Multiple Positions (three)

DCHS - Workplace Wellness Internship 

DCHS - Assertive Engagement Data, Research & Evaluation Internship

DCHS - Project Management and Administrative Assistant Internship

DCHS -Research and Evaluation Assistant Internship

DCHS - Community Service Program Support Internship 


Department of County Management (DCM)

DCM - Central HR Video and Marketing Internship

DCM - Central Budget Office Internship

DCM - Office of Chief Operating Officer Internship

DCM - Outreach and Marketing Internship

DCM - Multimedia Communications Internship



Health - Vector Control Field and Lab Internship

Health - Disaster Response Volunteer Coordinator Internship

Health - Operations Internship

Health - Behavioral Health Quality Management Internship

Health - Big Village Coalition Internship

Health - Addictions Prevention Internship

Health - Behavioral Health Adult Protective Services Internship

Health - Health Officer Internship

Health - Environmental Health Community Outreach Internship

Health - Project Coordinator

Health - Suicide and Behavioral Health Prevention Internship

Health - Engagement and Outreach Internship

Health - Behavioral Health Call Center Internship

Health - Health Data Analytics Team Analyst Internship

Health - Accounts Payable Internship

Health - Behavioral Health Director’s Office Internship

Health - Public Health Accreditation Internship

Health - Human Resource Internship


Joint Office of Homeless Services (JOHS)

JOHS - Social Media/Communications Internship

JOHS - Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) Internship

JOHS - Advisory Committee Community Engagement Internship

JOHS - Human Resources Internship 



Library - Research & Evaluation Internship

Library - Community Engagement Internship

Library - Rockwood Library Makerspace Program Assistant Internship


Multnomah County Sheriff's Office (MCSO)

MCSO - Sheriff's Office Inmate Programs Internship

MCSO - Sheriff's Office Detention Center Internship - Multiple Positions