Join Multnomah County & Partners to Learn More About Basic Income

WHAT: A free film screening & participatory exhibition on basic income
WHEN: Thursday, May 16
WHERE: Tomorrow Theater (3530 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202)

Join Multnomah County Chair Jessica Vega Pederson, Commissioner Jesse Beason, the MIL | Multnomah Idea Lab, Bloomberg’s Mayors & Counties for a Guaranteed Income, and Oregon Center for Public Policy (OCPP) and Urban League of Portland, to attend the screening of the documentary It’s Basic! It’s an opportunity to hear from the leaders and share your ideas about Basic Income. Arrive at 4 p.m. to grab your seat and enjoy free popcorn, live music, and a participatory exhibition on Basic Income! 


*This is a FREE event! Once you select how many free tickets you would like for the screening, the credit card information request will disappear from the screen*

Telling the stories of basic income recipients from across the country, as well as the elected and philanthropic leaders who have invested in them, It’s Basic shares a powerful message about how access to basic income can create the experience of financial stability and have a transformational impact on both individual and family lives.  

Providing flexible cash assistance to people in need is not a new concept nationally or here in Oregon. Learn about some local examples using the links below!

Oregon and Basic Income

Multnomah Mother’s Trust

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Basic Income Around the Country

Seattle gave low-income residents $500 a month no strings attached. Employment rates nearly doubled.

Denver’s Basic Income Project has been so successful it’s getting more funding and an extension

Report: Arlington’s first guaranteed income pilot boosted quality of life for poorest residents

Santa Clara County families benefit from guaranteed income, report shows

Santa Clara County launches pilot program of guaranteed income for homeless high school seniors

Austin experimented with giving people $1,000 a month. They said they spent the no-strings-attached cash mostly on housing.

Sacramento has approved a plan to give low-income Black and Native American families $725 a month, no strings attached