Saturday, January 28, 2023
10:00 am to 2:30 pm

In the fall of 2021, a group of scholars from the University of Oregon, Oregon State University, and Portland State University released a report titled “’A State of Immigrants’: A New Look at the Immigrant Experience in Oregon.” The report was produced under the aegis of the UO’s Labor Education and Research Center and supported by funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s Just Futures Initiative.

At the conference, contributors to the report will present their research on how immigrants and refugees in Oregon are navigating the process of social and cultural integration in critical arenas such as education, employment, the arts, and civic participation. The report also offers strategic and policy recommendations that contributors believe would support inclusive practices and enhance the integration process.  

In the breakout sessions conference attendees will have the opportunity to discuss those policy recommendations and prioritize them.  These recommendations will be presented to policymakers at state, county and local jurisdictions.  Session topics include: 

     -Education: Enhancing the Educational Experience of K-12 Immigrant and Refugee Students

    -Civic Participation: Creating Greater Participation on Decision-Making Bodies and Boards

    -Immigrant/Refugee Integration and Community Action: Strategies to Promote Engagement and Empowerment

    -Work and Employment: Meeting the Needs of Essential Workers in Agriculture 

For any questions, you can contact or call 503-988-5219.