By September 2020, throughout our country, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates we will count approximately 330 million people living in 140 million housing units in order to obtain a complete and accurate count.  In Oregon, using July 2018 estimates, we expect there are 4.2 million people living in 1.8 million housing units that will need to be counted.  This is a huge undertaking and for some communities, it's more challenging to get a complete count.


Across the State of Oregon, we encourage you to join the #WeCountOregon Campaign to engage communities we haven't historically counted well.  There are meetings, ambassador trainings, networks, and a text to pledge program that are being tailored to reach communities in their own languages, cultural approaches, and through trusted voices. No matter where you are across the state, you can get connected.

If you live or work in Multnomah County and want to get involved, please contact Commissioner Stegmann's office.  There are events and activities in the works across our communities that you can help with.  If you represent a community organization and would like more information about what the 2020 Census means for your community, just give us a call.

The U.S. Census Bureau has developed posters and materials that can be helpful to put up around our communities.  Please let us know if you need copies of these.