Web Specialist/Social Media Manager

Andrea Coghlan is the web specialist and social media manager. Born in New York. She earned a bachelor’s degree in art studio and has a minor in art history from Stony Brook University.

She worked as the program coordinator for a non-profit arts council on Long Island and was the professional aide to former New York Times art director and author Jerelle Kraus.

She joined Multnomah County in 2010 and worked as the web content specialist for the Multnomah County Chair prior to joining the Communications Office full time.

As web specialist, Andrea is responsible for helping to communicate the many essential services Multnomah County provides to the county’s 749,000 residents in the virtual realm. “My job is to help make sure people care about work at the county,” she says.

Using various platforms — including the county’s website, social media, e-mail marketing and design — Andrea spreads the word about Multnomah County government’s initiatives, accomplishments and happenings online. She also edits, designs and distributes the weekly digital newsletter that’s read by more than 6,000 employees.

In her free time, Andrea enjoys  UJAM fitness class, traveling and listening to podcasts.