Video Producer/ Videographer-Editor

Mark Baker

Mark H. Baker is the videographer-editor. Since 2008, he’s made documentary shorts for the county — highlighting people and programs such as code enforcement officers, Veteran’s Services and public health workers.

Mark was born in Portland and raised in Gladstone, Ore. and from a young age he was interested in film -- science-fiction specifically.

For most of his adult career, he lived in Los Angeles where he worked as a professional screenwriter in the film industry.  He’s been a member of Writers Guild of America since 1996. In 1983, he began studying film at UCLA. By 1986, his first original screenplay -- Flight of the Navigator -- was produced and released by Walt Disney Pictures and he put his degree on hold to continue writing.

He later completed his degree in film at Portland State University and came to Multnomah County as a videography intern.  He joined the Communications Office shortly after graduation in 2010 and estimates he’s made more than five hundred videos for the county.

“I want to give the viewer an emotional experience of some kind,” he says. “That’s the biggest challenge. I feel good about a video that actually makes people think and feel.”

In his free time, Mark enjoys writing, researching and collaborating with other filmmakers on the development and production of short films, web series, features and other media.