The following Multnomah County programs were honored with 2011 Achievement Awards from the National Association of Counties (NACo). The names of staff involved were provided by the employee who submitted the award to NACo. 

Program & Employees involved

Going Google Apps for Government - *Best in category
Google Implementation Project Sponsor: Sherry Swackhamer, CIO
Core Team Members: Mike Wright, Staci Cenis, Stan Johnson, Tracey Massey, Jane Williams, Khanh Quan, Wayne Scott, Justin Hamburg, Nancy Wilton, Brig Otis, Rob Pickett, Will Kwok, Chris Jam, Becca Beck, Josh Mitchell, Elise Nicholson, Shawn Cunningham, DeWayne Gibson, and Dan Cole. In addition, hundreds of employees throughout IT and the rest of the County provided support during the implementation and roll out.

ePayables – a Sustainable Payment Solution
Gina Oliveros, Brad Lynch, Joan Martin, Ken Clinton, Susan Luce, Marilyn Winters, Barb Ball, Winnie Pow, Kristy Johnston and Mike Waddell, with thanks to the department AP users who maintain the process

30 Families in 30 Days Program
Rose Bak, Seth Lyon, Mary Li and Beckie Lee

A Holistic Approach to Healthy Homes: Addressing Health Disparities Associated with Substandard Housing
Lisa Alfano, Michael Wright, Rosa Klein, Diane Drum, Ben Duncan, Gisela Garcia-Rolon, Kari Lyons-Eubanks, Helen Rodham, Maria Rodas-Garcia, Jeff Strang, Kim Tierney, Lila Wickham, Susi Cardenas, Helen Kidane, Greig Warner and Susana Betancourt 

Family Economic Security Project
Janet Hawkins, Nicole McKinney, Isaura Acensio and Yolanda Karp in Partnership with CASH Oregon

Fighting Prostitution in Neighborhoods - Returning Livability Back to a Community
District Attorney Michael D. Schrunk and Deputy District Attorney J.R. Ujifusa

Leadership Academy
Sharon Daniel, Kelley Tralle, Nancy Wilton, Jane Williams, Wayne Scott, Heather Garrett, Larry Howlett, Leslie Waldow, Karin Lamberton, Jody Erickson, Jerry Petty and Elisabeth Nunes

Services for Immigrants
Rita Jimenez, with much gratitude to the team of 77 bilingual and bicultural library staff members

Healthy Communities by Design
Alejandro Queral, Sonia Manhas, Jennifer Hackett and Olivia Quiroz

A Coordinated System of Care for Commercially Sexually Exploited Children
Commissioner Diane McKeel, with the involvement and support of the CSEC Steering Committee, the Victims Services Implementation Team and all the valued partners in the coordinated system of services, including Multnomah County Juvenile Justice, Janus Youth Programs, Lifeworks Northwest, and the Sexual Assault Resource center. With gratitude toward Portland Police, Multnomah County Human Services and state DHS child welfare in Multnomah County. 

CIC Diversity Outreach Training Program
Kathleen Todd