East County Courthouse: Frequently asked questions about the new Rockwood complex

April 10, 2012

Why is a new courthouse needed in east Multnomah County?
State statute requires Multnomah County to provide court facilities in the city of Gresham for violations that occur east of 122nd Avenue. And the county’s leased facilities in the Gresham Courthouse are cramped and inadequate for east Multnomah County, a growing part of our community.

Where is the new courthouse?
At Southeast 185th Avenue and Stark Street on a 4.2-acre lot in the Rockwood neighborhood of Gresham.

What services will the new courthouse provide?
The building will serve people being adjudicated for misdemeanors, violations and small claims. The courthouse also will be used for landlord and tenant actions, ex parte hearings and the filing of documents for all civil and domestic relations actions.

How much did the project cost?
The courthouse broke ground in January 2011 with an expected cost of $19.6 million. The building was completed on time and on budget.

Are there any future expansions planned?
The courthouse is intended to last at least 80 years and is designed to accommodate future growth with three additional courtrooms planned.

Anything else?
The courthouse is expected to achieve a LEED gold certification and meet the Architecture 2030 challenge, requiring the building to use energy reduction technology such as solar, ecoroofs and geothermal ground source heating.