Class Comp oversees the compensation and classification systems used within the County through special and regular job class studies; the unit develops and prices new classifications, classifies new positions and reclassifies existing positions. Class Comp's primary goals are to establish pay and classification frameworks that provide for external market competitiveness and address internal equity; promote employee retention, and support career growth.

County Compensation Philosophy

The County’s compensation philosophy is the foundation for classification and compensation decisions. Chapter 9 of the County code states: "It is county policy to establish a compensation plan that provides pay and benefits necessary for the county to recruit, select, and retain qualified employees … ; recognize employee performance, growth, and development; maintain an appropriate internal relationship among classifications and employees based on job responsibilities, qualifications, and authority." Multnomah County Personnel Rule (MCPR) § 5-45 further describes how the county’s compensation philosophy, market, etc. are defined based on the code’s broad policy: 

  • Public sector is our labor market
  • Labor market pay data are the most accurate indicator of prevailing wages for comparable jobs
  • Compensation structure is based on market data
  • Pay grades reflect the midpoint of the labor market for job classifications