Jenny M. Madkour, County Attorney, BA California State University at Fullerton, JD Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College. Jenny is the County's Chief Legal Officer and provides management and strategic direction for the Office of County Attorney.  Jenny advises the Board of Commissioners, Chair's Office, Auditor, Board Clerk, Office of Diversity, the Communications Office, Community Involvement Committee, Risk Management, Public Meetings and Public Records.  

Kathryn A. Short, Deputy County Attorney, BS Santa Clara University, JD Willamette University College of Law. Kathy advises the County on labor law matters, generally in employment and labor law matters.  She specifically advises Human Resources and provides advice to labor and benefits. She also provides training to Human Resources and Labor.  She provides employment litigation support as needed and supervises support staff.  

Andy Jones, Litigation Manager, BS, JD, University of Wisconsin. Civil litigation practice focuses on Section 1983 civil rights, torts and professional negligence.  Advice on public safety issues.  

Nick Baldwin-Sayre, Assistant County Attorney; BA, University of California, Los Angeles; JD Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College.  Nick represents the County in all construction matters and environmental compliance and permitting.  Nick also provides support on construction transactions.   

Ashley Bannon-Moore, Assistant County Attorney; BS University of Oregon, JD Gonzaga University School of Law.  Ashley represents the County in employment matters and general litigation matters.  She also provides support for Human Resources and labor advice.  

David N. Blankfeld, Assistant County Attorney, BA University of Arizona, JD Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College. David represents the County in general litigation, small claims, habeas corpus, concealed weapon permits, and civil forfeiture matters in state and federal courts. He also serves as an advisory attorney for Animal Services and Emergency Management.  He provides advisory support to the Department of Community Justice and is the managing attorney for law clerks.

Lindsay Byrne, Assistant County Attorney, University of Notre Dame (with honors); University of Oregon Law School (Order of the Coif).  Lindsay litigates on behalf of the County in state and federal court, and provides support on concealed weapons permits. 

Carlo Calandriello, Assistant County Attorney, BS, MS, Florida International University, JD Northwestern School of Law of Lewis & Clark College. Carlo advises the Sheriff's Office, the Local Public Safety Coordinating Council ("LPSCC"), Building Security Committee and the Criminal Justice Advisory Council ("CJAC").  Carlos also represents the County in general litigation in state and federal courts and provides support to Emergency Management and Corrections Health.

Ken Elliott, Assistant County Attorney, BA University of Montana, JD Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College. Ken advises on real property transactions, facilities management, construction matters, condemnation and bond release review.  He also provides advisory support for transportation.

Chris Gilmore, Assistant County Attorney, BS Northeastern University 1992, MS University of Massachusetts 1994, JD Vermont Law School 1997, admitted to Oregon State Bar in 1998.  Practice focuses on law enforcement and employment litigation in defense of local government.

Will Glasson, Assistant County Attorney, BA Case Western Reserve University, JD University of Oregon School of Law.  Will advises the Department of County Assets: Information Technology, Administrative Hub, Records Management, Intellectual Property, Fleet and Distribution with general advice, security advice and contracts. He also provides support for the Finance Division of the Department of County Management and litigates as assigned.  

Cindy Hahn, Assistant County Attorney, BBA, University of Texas at Austin, JD, University of Denver Sturm College of Law.  Cindy represents the County in matters related to privacy/security, protection of personal information and other transactional matters.  She also serves as the Chief Privacy Officer for the County. 

Courtney Lords, Assistant County Attorney, BS and MPA University of Utah, JD University of Oregon Law School.  Courtney advises on Transportation, Road District (Ramsey-Walmer) and Condemnation and Right-Of-Way.  She provides support to facilities/real property transactions, DART - tax title redemption and post judgment and land use enforcement.   

Carlos A. Rasch, Assistant County Attorney, BS, Chapman University, JD, University of Oregon.  Carlos represents the County in tax litigation. Carlos advises and represents DART in tax title redemption and post judgment, foreclosure judgments, Affordable Housing Development Program ("AHDP"), board property tax appeals, personal property tax collection, County Record/Clerk/Marriage Licenses, exemptions and special assessments and bankruptcy.  Carlos also provides litigation support as assigned.  

Robert Sinnott, Assistant County Attorney, BS University of Utah, JD Willamette University.  Rob advises the Health Department and represents the County in civil litigation.

Nathan Sramek, Assistant County Attorney, BA, Portland State University; JD Lewis & Clark Law School.  Nathan litigates on behalf of the County in state and federal court, and provides support on appeals and concealed weapon permits. 

Jonathan Strauhull, Assistant County Attorney, BA University of Rochester, JD Willamette University College of Law.  Jon advises the Library District and the Department of County Human Services on general advice and contracts.  He also provides advice and represents the Adult Care Home Program, Developmental Disabilities Program and Public Guardian's Office.  He provides litigation support as assigned. 

Katherine Thomas, Assistant County Attorney, BA Whitman College, JD Lewis & Clark Law School.  Katherine advises the Divisions of Land Use Planning and Enforcement, Office of Sustainability, County Surveyor and Service Districts.  Katherine provides support to Government Relations and Legislative, general governance, environmental compliance and permitting, Assessment, Recording and Taxation ("DART") and the Charter Review Committee.  Katherine also does appellate work.  

Jed Tomkins, Assistant County Attorney, BS Cornell University, JD Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College. Jed advises Land Use Planning and Enforcement, Facilities/Real Property Transactions, Construction Transactions, Municipal Revenue and the Office of Economic Development and special projects (e.g., Urban renewal, Levee renovation, neighborhood redevelopment).  Jed also provides support to DART.

Andrew Weiner, Assistant County Attorney; BA University of California at Santa Barbara, JD Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College.  Andrew litigates on behalf of the County in state and federal court, and provides litigation support as needed. 

Angie Alcorn, Paralegal.  Angie provides support in litigation, civil forfeiture, the privacy program, tax court, staff training, IT learning leader and Disco administration.    

Kerri Burks, Paralegal.  Kerri provides support in litigation and appeals and is the construction paralegal.  

Ona L. Davis, Paralegal. Ona provides administrative and litigation support.  She is the legislative Paralegal who finalizes board documents and maintains the county code.  Additionally she provides support for Itax and Clio administration.   

Amy M. Goodale, Paralegal. Amy provides litigation support, civil forfeiture support, board document support, Clio support and staff training.  

Nikia Pritchard, Legal Assistant II, provides reception, administrative, litigation, concealed handgun license support, privacy program assistant, and Learning Partner liasion.