Congregate Care

  • Joint Office homeless shelters: The Joint Office responded quickly by adding shelter sites to allow for physical distancing, but faces challenges going forward
  • County jails: The MCSO worked with the Health Department on policies and process, but compliance with policies is an ongoing challenge
  • Juvenile detention: Management responded rapidly by updating policies and practices, but use of face coverings still needs to be consistently enforced
  • Adult care homes: Significant efforts made to ensure vital services can continue safely during the pandemic with areas for improvement noted

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Homeless Shelters

Inverness Jail

Donald E. Long Juvenile Detention Center

Adult Care Homes

Organizational-Level Support

  • Guidance to departments and employees: Guidance is thorough; employees report implementation gaps
  • Changes to county buildings: Physical changes are ongoing; attention and care are needed to ensure cleaning and disinfecting, and supply availability
  • Telework: Adjust Telework Practices to Meet Increased Need

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County Facilities