The Multnomah County Charter Review Committee (MCCRC) proposed seven measures that, if adopted by voters in November 2022, would amend the Multnomah County Home Rule Charter. 

Final Report to the Public and Board of County Commissioners

Below is the MCCRC's written final report detailing its findings and recommendations. The MCCRC voted to approve the content of the written report on July 20, 2022. You can also view the slides used for the MCCRC's presentation of its report at the Board of County Commissioners' briefing on August 2, 2022. You can view the presentation on the Board's YouTube channel. 

MCCRC Final Report (458.53 KB)

Charter Review Committee Presentation Slides for BOCC 8.02.22 (495.61 KB)

Charter Amendment Text

Below are the texts that would amend the Charter if measures proposed by the MCCRC are adopted by voters.

Gender Neutral Charter Amendment Text (120.82 KB)

Extending Voting Rights Charter Amendment Text (6.02 KB)

Instant Runoff Ranked Choice Voting Charter Amendment Text (286.97 KB)

Jail Inspections Charter Amendment Text (182.41 KB)

Ombudsperson Amendment Text (279.92 KB)

Auditor Access to Information Amendment Text (105.22 KB)

Charter Review Committee Amendment Text (43.32 KB)

Community Engagement Reports

Below are reports on community members' input throughout the Charter review process. 

Written Public Comments and Testimony for the MCCRC (4.18 MB)

MCCRC Final Engagement Report from Espousal Strategies (2.55 MB)

MCCRC Focus Group & Survey Toplines Provided by Espousal Strategies (223.51 KB)