What We Do

The Department of County Assets (DCA) provides staff with the tools, technology and the space they need to serve the residents of Multnomah County. We manage computer systems and software, buildings and property, mobile devices and telephones, a fleet of vehicles, and archives. We also provide budget and finance services. In short, we serve the people who serve the people.

Equity and Inclusion

We are creating a workplace of equity and inclusion, where people from all backgrounds and experiences can truly belong, can bring their unique talents, and do their best work. We aspire to be a place where openness, fairness, and collaboration propel us to create awesome modern innovations. This is the passion that drives us.

People are the Focus of our Strategy

Though our work is often technical - engineers, analysts, trades people, software developers, accountants, procurement specialists, and technicians of all sorts - it is people who get things done, and it is people who create team-work and a positive attitude. We work for the common good and for the residents of Multnomah County. This is what it means to us to be public servants.