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The Story of 1 Million Meals in Multnomah County
We’re all happier and healthier with nutritious food. But sometimes life takes an unexpected turn.

Every week becomes a balancing act. Do we pay the bills or pay for food? The stress and lack of nutrition add up and impact other areas of life. For instance, it's easier to get sick or kids can't focus at school. 
Until one day, someone mentions there’s a place that people who are struggling can get fresh, nutritious food for free.
Across Multnomah County, SUN Community Schools and partners provide food through food pantries, harvest shares and summer meal sites at schools and libraries thanks to these organizations working together.

  • Multnomah County Human Services
  • Oregon Food Bank
  • Portland Children’s Levy
  • Multnomah County Library
  • Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization
  • Latino Network
  • Metropolitan Family Service
  • Self Enhancement, Inc.
  • El Programa Hispano Católico
  • Portland Parks & Recreation
  • Native American Youth & Family Center
  • Impact NW
  • Neighborhood House
  • School Districts: David Douglas, Portland Public, Parkrose, Gresham-Barlow, Reynolds, Centennial

In fact, last year, SUN Community Schools and their partners provided more than ONE MILLION MEALS
in Multnomah County.
How much is 1,000,000 meals? It’s the equivalent of one meal being distributed almost every 30 seconds, 24/7, all year long.
But more importantly, the food means happier and healthier lives for our neighbors.
And a stronger, healthier, more productive county now and in the future.
The story of 1 million meals isn’t just about meals. It’s about people coming together to care for one another so that everyone can succeed.