Here are five ways DCHS' email newsletter and social media channels might be useful:

  1. Subscribing to our email updates for the best information.  We’re bundling the most useful and timely information for the public and partners in our emails. They will be of varying lengths and cover different topics. We’ll only send them when we have something important to say. And when you subscribe you can pick the topics you’re interested in so that you don’t get information that you don’t care about.

  2. Get tips and event updates on Facebook. There are a variety of ways we can be of use to you, your neighbors or the causes you care about. There are also a variety of events happening that you might be interested in.

  3. Visit Twitter for the latest news - Twitter is a great place for news, emergency updates, and sharing the work of our partners. We’ll be doing those things on Facebook and email a little bit too - but the breaking news will likely be on Twitter.

  4. YouTube for How-To videos and announcements - Many of us have turned to YouTube for a how-to video about cooking, fixing something around the house or for a product review. DCHS wants to provide these kinds of videos for our services. If you go to our channel right now you can see some great training video for nonprofits and a feature about how to get your home weatherized.

  5. Once-a-week updates on the key things on the blog - Just like this post, we’ll be posting updates about our work and services for you. The posts will be visual and probably longer than how we’re communicating with you on Twitter or Facebook. You’ll get blog posts delivered via email and hopefully you might see some when you search in Google.