Key Preschool for All Documents 

The Preschool for All Plan reflects two years of community engagement and planning. The plan was released in July 2020 and is the framework for program implementation. It builds upon the Preschool for All Task Force recommendations, outlining key implementation strategies and detailing how the initiative will be funded. The plan was developed in partnership with the Preschool for All Technical Advisory Committee and the Pre-Referral Steering Committee. 

The following documents give additional history on Preschool for All and it's development. This work, led by Social Venture Partners, strives to reflect how the PFA coalition successfully passed a ballot measure and set of policies centered on racial equity and community voice.

Utilizing a grant from Meyer Memorial Trust, Preschool for All partnered with SeeChange to gather more information from families and preschool providers. In the summer of 2020, SeeChange conducted 24 culturally- and linguistically-responsive focus groups and interviews. 71 providers and nearly 100 parents participated in the process. The PFA Focus Group Report details their findings.  

The Preschool for All Task Force met from September 2018 though July 2019. The Task Force vision was that every child in Multnomah County should be able to attend a preschool that is right for them and every family should be able to afford it. The Preschool for All Report was released in July 2019 and it outlines recommendations for expanding preschool in our community.

The ELM Preschool Vision was developed in 2016 by parents and community members and led by Early Learning Multnomah (ELM). The vision set the direction for Preschool for All. The ELM Parent Accountability Council played a key role in the creation of the vision and continues to be central to the Preschool for All initiative. 

Preschool for All Videos