What is the Additional Needs Registry within PublicAlerts?

The Additional Needs Registry is a completely voluntary, opt-in program for individuals with disabilities in Portland and Multnomah County.

What it Does

If you include your information on the Additional Needs Registry, three things will happen:

  • Your additional needs will be shared with 9-1-1 police and fire responders.
  • You will receive occasional additional emergency preparedness information.
  • Your information will contribute to general City and County disaster planning for people with disabilities.

Registry information will be entered into the 9-1-1 system within two months of being provided.

What it Does NOT Do

It is important to know what this registry does NOT do. Please note:

  • This registry does NOT sign you up for specific assistance or evacuation during an emergency. Registering will not prioritize you for assistance or evacuation.
  • This registry does NOT promise that 9-1-1 police and fire responders will meet your additional needs when they respond to a 9-1-1 call.
  • This registry does NOT guarantee any service from City, County, or public safety officials.

In an emergency, police, fire, and other responders might not be able to access your information or do what you request. This is why we cannot promise that anyone will meet your additional needs.

If you register your additional needs, you should still do everything you can to prepare yourself for an emergency.

Find more information about emergency preparedness for people with disabilities.

Why should I share my additional needs with PublicAlerts?

By voluntarily participating in the registry, you will be sharing important and personal information with public safety responders that may help them to better assist you. Here are examples where the information is extremely helpful:

  • If you get lost, a public safety responder may be able to use the emergency contact information to contact someone in your support system.
  • If you are in a crisis and unable to communicate with a public safety responder, they may be able to get more information about your medical and personal needs from someone you trust.
  • If you are home and call 9-1-1, public safety responders may have more details about your disability when they arrive to help.

This information will help City and County Emergency Planners to better plan for the needs of people with disabilities, as a group, during a major disaster.
I need assistance registering

For assistance registering, call the Multnomah County Aging and Disability Resource Connection Helpline at (503) 988-3646.