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The Reduced Supervision Team (RST) is a formal Probation/Parole/Post-Prison Supervision (PPS) office that tracks your formal supervision to completion.

What makes this Probation/Parole/PPS different from traditional Probation/Parole/PPS is that you are not required to see a Probation/Parole Officer (PPO).  You are required to report any changes in your address or your employment, and submit a request for all out of state travel permits.

During your intake process or with your former PPO, your conditions of supervision were explained to you and you signed that you understood the conditions ordered. It is your responsibility to complete the conditions of supervision. You must keep any appointment(s) that was scheduled for you and/or make appointments yourself using the phone numbers you were provided.

Do I have a PPO?
Yes, you are assigned to a PO.

Am I still on probation/parole /post prison supervision?
Yes, you are on formal supervision and have a PPO at RST.

Do I need to contact my PPO?
Contact your PPO if you are charged with a new crime and if
you are unable to comply with a condition of your probation/parole/post prison.

What if I can’t pay my supervision fees and/or my court fines?
You will need to contact your PO to work out an alternative payment plan.

What if I can’t pay restitution or compensatory fines?
This is money you owe the victim(s) of your crime. You must set up a payment plan within 30
days of your sentencing date, and need to contact the court’s accounting department if you can’t
make your payment.

Where do I pay my supervision fees? 

  • You can pay them online: 
    More information and pay supervision fees
  • Pay over the phone: 
    Call toll free 1-866-792-0179.
    SID # is required.
    Available in English, Spanish (Español), and Pусский (Russian).

  • You can mail them to:
    Multnomah County Supervision Fees
    PO Box 742909
    Los Angeles, CA 90074-2909
  • You can also pay them at the front desk at your probation office.
    421 SW 5th Avenue
    1st floor reception
    Portland, Oregon

If you can not pay your supervision fees, you will need to contact your PPO to work out a payment plan.

Where do I pay my court fees?
You must pay the court where you were sentenced. Be sure to include your court case number on your check or money order.

What should I do if my community service file is closed?
You must contact the judge’s office to request a re-referral to community service.

Can I move out of the state?
No, you must receive written permission from your PO, Oregon and the state
to which you want to move before you can leave.

Do you have bus tickets or do you pay for any services?
We do not have any funds for bus tickets or services such as treatment or housing.