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Call Continued Care Supervision - 503.988.2975

Do I have a PPO?
Yes, you are on formal supervision and have an assigned PPO.

Am I still on probation/parole /post prison supervision?
Yes, you are on formal supervision and have an assigned PPO.

Do I need to contact my PPO or fill out a monthly report?
Contact your PPO if you are charged with a new crime or if you are unable to comply with a condition of your probation/ parole/post prison.  If you are in crisis and want to talk to someone from DCJ you can call the program and a Correction Technician will assess the situation.

What are different types of fees and fines?

  • Restitution is money the court ordered you to pay to a victim for losses resulting from the crime for which you were convicted.
  • Compensatory Fines is money the court ordered you to pay to a victim for injury resulting from the crime for which you were convicted.
  • Court Fees is money the court ordered you to pay to help pay court costs, attorney fees, penalties required by law, assessments and/or to help support specific programs.
  • Supervision Fee - $35 per month

What if I can’t pay restitution or compensatory fines? 
This is money you owe the victim(s) of your crime. You need to contact the court’s accounting department if you can’t make your payment.

What if I can’t pay my supervision fees and/or my court fines? 
You will need to call to work out an alternative payment plan.

Where do I pay my supervision fees? 

  • You can pay them online: 
    More information and pay supervision fees.
  • You can mail them to:
    Multnomah County Supervision Fees
    PO Box 742909
    Los Angeles, CA 90074-2909
  • You can also pay them at the front desk at your probation office or Call toll free 1-866-792-0179.
If you can not pay your supervision fees, you will need to contact your PPO to work out a payment plan.

Where do I pay my court fees?
You must pay the court where you were sentenced. Be sure to include your court case number on your check or money order.

Can I move out of the state?
No, you must receive written permission from your PO, Oregon and the state to which you want to move before you can leave.

Monthly reporting is not required at Continued Care Supervision 

You are on formal Probation, Parole and/or Post-Prison Supervision (PPS), but instead of reporting in person to your supervising officer every month, you must call this office only in certain situations:

Travel Permits – when you want/need to leave the State of Oregon, you must have permission from a PPO.  Call 10 days before you want to leave.  Please leave specific information when you call.  Dial the office phone number and then press #4, it will tell you the information you need to leave.

*You must be current on court fees/supervision fees if you need a travel permit (unless for work purposes).

Change of residence phone or employment – if you are moving, or there are any changes to your employment, you must report that to the RST office within 48 hours. Dial the office phone number and then press #3. 

Crisis – If your recovery/life situation is in crisis, and you would like support from your prior probation officer, call the program and discuss the situation with our corrections technicians.  They will assess the situation and follow up with you.

You can call 503.988.2975 to leave a message
Menu Options
-Press 0 ONLY if calling from a court/law enforcement agency.
-Press 1 if you know the extension of the person you’re trying to reach.
-Press 2 if you speak Spanish.
-Press 3 to leave a message to update your address, telephone and employment information.
-Press 4 if you want to travel outside Oregon.
-Press 5 if you have questions about supervision fees or court ordered obligations. This line will provide you the appropriate phone numbers.
-Press #6 if you have had police contact, been arrested or charged with a new crime.
-Press #7 if you are in a crisis and want a call back.

NOTE:  Don’t expect a call back if you are calling to leave information only.  Someone will note the information in your file. They will call you if they need any further information.  

START Related

Arrested and Released – if you are arrested and released from jail call the probation office (503) 988-2975, press #6, leave a message and a staff member will follow up with you in a timely manner. 

MCJRP Related

You will be returned to the court if you are arrested while under this supervision.