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The Pretrial Services Program (PSP) has two primary goals: to protect community safety by evaluating the risk of releasing defendants prior to trial and supervising them in the community to ensure that they appear at scheduled court hearings. 

Release Investigations

Defendants may be released to PSP or referred for further evaluation under the authority granted by the Multnomah County Circuit Court. PSP evaluates each defendant's public safety and flight risk, using a validated risk instrument, and then makes a recommendation to the court about the defendant's suitability for release to the community. In some cases, PSP may determine that individuals are not eligible for release based on identified risk factors and other findings.

Pretrial Supervision

PSP supervision allows defendants an opportunity to remain employed, in school, continue any medical services (drug/alcohol/mental health treatment), and remain in their community pending resolution of their court case.

Defendants are monitored through a combination of phone contacts, office appointments and, in some cases, electronic monitoring.

PSP supervision ends after the defendant's criminal case is resolved.