Pretrial Services main number

Pretrial Services automated number

Getting to Pretrial Services


  • Multnomah County Justice Center: 1120 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR 97204
    The Pretrial Services office is on the third floor and can be accessed from the stairway inside the jail lobby.



  • Trimet buses #10 and #14 stop very close to the Justice Center, and numerous other routes also stop nearby.
    trip planner can help you plan your route.

About pretrial monitoring

The Pretrial Services Program (PSP) has two primary goals: to maximize public safety and law-abiding behavior and ensure individuals appear at scheduled court hearings. 

When an individual is charged with a crime, a risk assessment is completed to help determine if they might engage in new criminal activity. The assessment also determines if they are likely to appear in court. The judge uses the assessment information to order release conditions. A decision is made about whether to release the individual on their own recognizance, release the individual to pretrial supervision, or hold the individual in jail until they appear in court for their arraignment hearing. 

When someone is released to pretrial monitoring, they are required to report to our specially trained corrections technicians and follow release conditions until they appear in court and it is determined if they are guilty or innocent. Pretrial monitoring allows individuals to remain employed, to remain in school, and to continue with medical care and treatment pending a resolution of their court case. We use a combination of phone contacts, in-office visits, and electronic monitoring until their court case is resolved. 

Pre-trial reform efforts 

Multnomah County has been engaged in a robust system reform effort since 2017. Learn more about pre-trial reform efforts through the Local Public Safety Coordinating Council