Supporting your power to heal your family from violence and trauma

The Community Healing Initiative (CHI) is a community-centered, collaborative partnership between DCJ, Latino Network, and Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center (POIC). Additional partners include the Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) and other community based organizations.  

CHI is designed to decrease youth violence by providing culturally appropriate community support to youth and families. 

We help build a safe and thriving environment through collaboration designed to identify root causes of high-risk activities and behaviors.

The CHI model uses targeted supervision, intervention, and prevention strategies on families of probation youth who are likely to be involved in violent activities, specifically gun violence. 

A Youth, Family, and Community Team plans and implements activities focused on Positive Youth Development, Family Support, and Community Protection. The team includes representatives from public safety, social service, and community-based agencies. 

CHI Goals: 

  • Reduce involvement in the juvenile justice system 
  • Reduce/eliminate gang-involvement and gang-related behaviors
  • Reduce youth violence and juvenile delinquency
  • Reduce felonies and arrests of African American and Latino family members
  • Increase academic achievement

CHI Values

  • Family first
  • Engagement and motivation
  • Effective teamwork 
  • Shared accountability
  • Community safety

Once probation ends, the youth and family still have access to services until all of the goals outlined in the family success plan have been achieved. 

Support and services are tailored to meet each family’s individual needs.

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