We are a nationally recognized model program committed to providing healthy, high quality fresh and local, yet cost effective food to youth detained at the Donald E. Long Detention Facility. 

Most of the food served is made from scratch.

By implementing a "Offer versus Serve" approach to feeding detained youth, here are just some of the striking benefits:

  • Growing children need and get proper nutrition from a wide variety of foods offered 
  • Many youth come from homes where they've experienced serious food insecurity and now can gain skills in learning healthy meal combinations and green choices
  • Well nourished youth are generally more attentive
  • Less food is thrown away
  • Less packaging waste 
  • Much less time to serve youth
  • Much less clean up time is needed
  • More food choices allow for individual tastes, cultural and dietary needs
  • More ability to monitor and quickly address possible health or eating disorders
  • The Nutritional Program can conserve resources.

Contact the Courtyard Café Nutritional Program

Kim Pidcoke
Nutritional Services Manager