The Multnomah County Department of Community Justice believes in using the least restrictive means of supervision for youth possible while assuring public safety and that secure detention should primarily be used for those youth who pose a high level of risk for re-offense or failure to appear for a court hearing. Objective evaluation standards and admissions criteria ensure that youth are being treated fairly and consistently and help set appropriate levels of community supervision while managing public resources efficiently.

In order to support the goals and values of the Department and Multnomah County, we have collaborative relationships with community partners. These partnerships allow some youth to be released before or at a preliminary hearing while awaiting their court hearing.

Each youth who has pending charges with the court receives a Juvenile Court Counselor, who serves as a contact and resource person for the youth and guardian during the court process. The assigned Juvenile Court Counselor will work with the youth and guardian to work out a plan until the trial takes place. For placement on the Juvenile Community Detention program, a youth must have a law violation pending and a judge must order participation. The goal of the program is to ensure that the youth's court orders are being followed, assisting youth and family during this process so the youth to attends their court hearing without obtaining any new law violations.