The Hands of Wonder (HOW) Garden Program is a restorative justice based garden program for youth involved in the Multnomah County Juvenile Services Division.  This restorative justice-based initiative encourages youth to meaningfully reflect on the ripple effect of their criminal activity, including the impact it had on their victims, their community, and their family. HOW is about youth working to make things right, giving back to the community, and gaining valuable job skills that will prepare them for future employment. HOW is an opportunity for youth to leave the system with an improved attitude, sense of belonging, and the tools to be a positive influence on our communities. See our Hands of Wonder Garden Program FAQs for answers to common questions about this program.

Hands of Wonder Garden Program's impact, by the numbers

In the past year, the HOW program has:

  • Participated in 388 circle processes (both youth-led and supervisor-led)
    • This restorative justice process gathers participants in a circle for intentional dialogue on topics such as personal values, hope, empathy, and strengthening our communities. The circle process creates a safe space for deep listening and being heard, helping participants build connection, gain a deeper understanding of self and others, and experience personal growth. The circle is also an intentional space to respond to and repair harm when it happens.
  • Served 28 youth, of whom 24 successfully completed the program
  • Grown 450 lbs. of produce
  • Volunteered 27 hours at other community sites
  • Utilized 860 hours of volunteer-donated time
  • Developed 2 youth-driven community projects
  • Donated 206 items for homeless youth in a youth-led drive for OutsideIn

Youth may earn up to $599 upon successful completion of the program, including consistent attendance, communication and participation. Contact us to learn more.