New Ways for Families is a method of teaching parents simple practical skills.

These skills help parents:

  • Manage conflict
  • Negotiate decisions
  • Promote respectful communication
  • Encourage themselves in times of stress
  • Co-parent more effectively

The program is designed to be simple and repetitive, so that almost all parents can learn these skills and apply them in their lives when dealing with each other and with their children and with anyone. 

For more information or to sign up call FCS at 503-988-3189.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is New Ways for Families?
A method of teaching parents skills to manage conflicts, negotiate decisions, promote respectful communication, encourage themselves in times of stress and co-parent more effectively. 

What is coaching?
Coaches teach and practice skills covered in the online program using a non-judgmental, no blame, no shame approach. 

Are there any prerequisites to signing up?
A parent must have completed the FCS Parent Education Class “Helping Your Children Cope with Family Change.”

What are the benefits?
Parents will increase skills to effectively resolve co-parenting disagreements while remaining calm and protecting children from conflict. This can lead to reduced future court involvement.

What is the cost?
The online program costs $47 paid directly to New Ways for Families. For clients who meet low income guidelines, the fee is $19. There is no charge for coaching sessions. 

How long does it take to complete the program?
The online program is designed to be completed in 12 weekly sessions. Six one-hour required coaching sessions take place within this timeframe. In order to successfully complete the program participants must complete both components within 4 months. 

What can parents expect at the first appointment?
Once a parent calls to register, a coach will contact them to familiarize them with the program, set up a schedule for coaching appointments, and answer any questions.

How do I sign up?
Call FCS at 503-988-3189.

Is my participation confidential?
The Court will be provided a memorandum indicating the level of course completion if participation was court ordered.

What if there is a court order that does not allow the parents to have contact?
There is no co-parent contact, as all sessions are done individually.

Are people other than the parents included in coaching sessions?
It depends and should be discussed with the coach.

Is it possible to mediate while participating in coaching?
Yes. In fact, skills learned in coaching may benefit the mediation process.

Are there any follow-up sessions?
Each parent has the option of two follow up coaching sessions following completion of the course.

How long do I have access to the website?
Once a parent purchases the online training they have ongoing access to the content.

Is the program offered in other languages?
At this time the course is available in English and is being developed in Spanish.

Who are the coaches?
Coaches are qualified Family Court Services (FCS) staff who have completed the New Ways for Family training program. If you have previously received mediation services at FCS your mediator will not be your coach. Both parents will have the same coach but not meet together.

How many families will the program serve?
We anticipate serving up to 100 families a year.