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The Department of Community Justice's (DCJ) inclement weather and natural disaster phone message line, 503-988-6757, is accessible to all staff for information about facility closures and employee reassignments to alternate facilities. The hotline is typically updated by 5:30 a.m., or as soon as a determination is made about County operations.

DCJ Procedures for Staff Notification

  • For information about DCJ closures or delays, listen to the local news media or call the DCJ Inclement Weather Hotline at 503.988.6757.  
  • Do not expect a call from your supervisor to alert you to any closures or delays. It is each staff person's responsibility to check the news or the hotline before making a decision to come to work.

The following units have been designated as "Essential Services & Personnel" (24x7 operations that must function regardless of conditions) and are expected to report to work in the event of inclement weather:

Adult Services Division 

  • Pretrial Supervision Program (PSP) - All Staff, including Support Staff
    Recog - All Staff, including Support Staff

Juvenile Services Division 

  • Detention - Juvenile Custody Services Specialists
  • Assessment & Evaluation (A&E) - Juvenile Custody Services Specialists
  • Detention Schedulers - Administrative Analyst & Office Assistant 2
  • Nutrition Services - Cooks and Food Service Workers 

If the Courts are open, the following are additional Essential Staff

  • Support & Document Services - Lead Records Technician and Office Assistant 2’s
  • Court and Community Supervision Services Lead Juvenile Counselors - IAIA, RISE, SOTT/Gender/SB1008, and Placement Coordinator 

DCJ Essential Staff During Inclement Weather

Staff Unable to Report to Work

If County Operations are open, but you feel that you cannot report to work because of the weather in your area, please use your best judgment in deciding whether or not to come to work.  This type of absence will need to be covered by vacation, accrued comp time, or saved holiday time.

If you have any questions, please talk to your supervisor or Senior Manager.

Additional Inclement Weather Information

Please also take a few minutes to review the following documents: