Multnomah County’s Justice Reinvestment Program (MCJRP)

As prison costs increase nationwide, communities try to find effective ways to reduce spending on prison and increase public safety. Multnomah County’s Justice Reinvestment Program (MCJRP) is designed to reduce the use of state prisons for offenders who can safely be supervised in the community. MCJRP holds offenders accountable by providing the structure, supervision and services necessary for success in the community. The program aims to address the root causes of crime through providing evidence-based services that are designed to impact criminogenic risk and needs while increasing services available to victims and opportunities for their involvement in the criminal justice process.

Representatives from the Research and Planning (RAP) team contribute research and analytical expertise to MCJRP’s interagency criminal justice data team. Serving as the data subject matter experts for the Multnomah County Justice Reinvestment Steering Committee, this group maintains a justice-system wide interagency data warehouse and prepares various monthly and quarterly performance measure updates to track MCJRP case processing and program impact. Additionally, researchers from the RAP team have recently completed two funded evaluations of MCJRP programs. Links to these reports are provided in the sidebar.