December 19, 2012

On Wednesday, December 5th, Multnomah County held their annual recognition award ceremony for county employees who have provided 15 through 30 years of service. Chair Cogen, Commissioner Loretta Smith and Commissioner Diane McKeel acknowledged long-term employees and celebrated with them. The Department of Community Justice (DCJ) proudly had 35 employees achieving these milestones. Their combined public service record totals 680 years of experience.

This year, attending DCJ honorees with the longest tenure included:

  • Kevin Bowers, Community Justice Manager, 30 years
  • Michelle Aguilar, Probation/Parole Officer, 20 years
  • Joslyn Baker, Program Specialist Senior, 20 years
  • David Norwood, Juvenile Court Counselor, 20 years
  • Karen Rhein, Administrative Analyst, 20 years
  • Rose Franks, Office Assistant Senior, 15 years
  • Eva Starmach, Corrections Counselor, 15 years

Joslyn Baker was also recognized as a Multnomah County Exceptional Employee during the ceremony. Commissioner Diane McKeel read a bio highlighting many of Joslyn’s accomplishments.  Joslyn was recognized for her contributions to countywide efforts to address the Commercial and Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) through education, resource coordination and program development.

The ceremony included a receiving line led by Chair Cogen and County Commissioners Smith and McKeel.