July 21, 2014

Director of the Department of Community Justice Scott Taylor and Adult Services Division director Truls Neal at the July 17 board meeting.
The proclamation -- brought forward by the director of the Department of Community Justice (DCJ) Scott Taylor and DCJ’s Adult Services Division director Truls Neal -- formally recognizes the work the department’s employees do to uphold public safety and assist offenders in becoming successful members of the community.

“Our Department of Community Justice is nationally recognized for the amazing work they do,” said Chair Deborah Kafoury on Thursday. “This is in part because of the employees that we have who work really hard every day to make sure that the public is safe.”

Each year, DCJ employees supervise more than 12,500 people on probation or parole and processes about 37,000 cases. They work alongside the board, law enforcement and community agencies to provide social services and protections for victims.

Taylor had the honor of reading the proclamation aloud at the meeting.  Watch the video clip.

Afterwards, board members vocalized their support. 

“The scope and depth of involvement probation has in our neighborhoods...the whole level of commitment of all the staff you work with, it’s truly impressive,” said Commissioner Loretta Smith to Taylor and Neal at Thursday’s meeting.

“It’s always a pleasure to join in on recognizing the great work that is done by our employees,” said Commissioner Diane McKeel, also addressing Taylor and Neal. “I want to thank you for bringing this forward. Our employees are our greatest strength.”