September 4, 2012

The Department of Community Justice (DCJ) is proud to announce that parole/probation officer Christi Winters has successfully completed her certification in network technologies through the internationally recognized authority of the Computer Technology Industry Association. Winters has been working towards this certification for over a year and was happy to receive the news that she had passed her final examination. 

Christi Winters works in DCJ’s computer forensics lab and helps adult and juvenile probation officers monitor the activities of their offenders. The lab has been furbished with equipment to search cell phones, computers, laptops, DVDs, I-PODS, Blu-ray, videogame consoles like X-box or Wii, and a range of flashmedia. DCJ is the only community corrections department in the nation to have a fully operational computer forensics lab.

“These are grueling examinations,” shared Jeff Synder DCJ Forensics Lab Manager and supervisor of Christi Winters. “We are lucky to have her in this position.” Snyder completed this same certification which is also a requirement to work in the FBI’s Northwest Regional Computer Forensics Lab. The DCJ Lab is a state of the art facility that adheres to the highest industry standards.