September 20, 2016

This post was updated on September 23, 2016.

On Friday September 16, 2016, Multnomah County informed the public and our clients of a scam targeting clients on parole and probation.  After a thorough investigation, it has been concluded that there is no evidence that a Multnomah County system was compromised.

The Multnomah County Department of Community Justice has contacted all clients under supervision, set up a hotline resource and followed up with those who have concerns.

The county values and respects the privacy of our clients personal information.  Anyone who suspects they are a victim of fraud should take steps to protect their personal information by contacting their bank and monitoring their credit reports.  

Oregon residents can learn more about identify theft by visiting the following site:

For media inquiries contact: Jessica Morkert-Shibley, Communications Coordinator, (971) 563-3735