To make a complaint about a specific DCS program or service:

1. Please contact the program or service division directly using the contact information listed below.

2. If your complaint is not resolved, contact the program manager or director listed under each program.

3. If the problem is not resolved with the program director, please contact the Director of the Department of Community Services.

DCS Contact Information:

Animal Services: 503.988.6233
Wade Sadler, Division Director

Bridge Services: 503.988.3757
Jon Henrichsen
​, Interim Transportation Director:

Elections: 503.988.3270
Tim Scott
, Division Director:

​Land Use Planning503.988.3043
Carol Johnson, Division Director:

Road Services503.988.505
Jon Henrichsen​, Interim Transportation Director:

Jim Clayton, County Surveyor:

​Transportation Planning: 503.988.5050
Jessica Berry, Interim Program Manager:

DCS Director503.988.7968
Jamie Waltz, Director of Community Services: