Abuse investigations

Report abuse and neglect

Persons with an Intellectual or Developmental Disability
503-988-1285 Local Reporting
1-855-503-SAFE (7233) Statewide Reporting

Older Adults and People with Physical Disabilities
503-988-4450 main
503-988-3646 after hours

Adults with Mental Illness

Child Abuse
1-855-503-SAFE (7233) Statewide Reporting

Adults Receiving Residential Substance Abuse Treatment

What we investigate

The I/DDSD Abuse Investigation Team investigates allegations of abuse and neglect.

Who can use this service?

These investigations involve adult victims who are currently receiving services or have been previously determined eligible for I/DD services as an adult.

How does an investigation work?

Upon receipt of a report of abuse, the team ensures timely protective actions are taken in order to maintain the health and safety of the individual served. I/DDSD Services Coordinators and Brokerage Personal Agents generally implement the protective services and coordinate ongoing support to ensure safety.

Once an investigation is opened the investigator identifies principals and witnesses to be interviewed, in addition to examination of any evidence, records or other relevant documents.

Investigators may issue additional recommended actions to Service Coordinators and Personal Agents at any point during the investigation to prevent similar future issues of abuse.

Abuse investigators work collaboratively with community partners such as the public guardian’s office, local law enforcement, as well as the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office to pursue prosecution of criminal cases, when appropriate.  

The I/DDSD Abuse Investigation Team acts as a designee of the State of Oregon, Department of Human Services (DHS) in conducting investigations into allegations of abuse and neglect. The Abuse Investigations Team evaluates reports of abuse and neglect based on criteria defined in the Oregon Administrative Rules (ORS 430.735).