E & E Lens 5 P's

Geared towards practitioners in racial equity analysis

Our focus over the next several years will be setting up a strategic plan for this work, further building the capacity and reach of the initiative, upholding evaluation as a key strategy, and focusing deeply on what it means to do this work in a transformative way.

We have been using a Lens tool called the 4P's (analysis based on People, Place, Power, and Process) for the past few years. But we've realized through listening to our various constituents and to the research that we had been missing something:  the 5th P, Purpose. Without it, there is no transformation.   Without it, there is no holistic analysis of the effects of race and class on all parts of our lives. What is our individual purpose around action towards racial equity? What is our institution's purpose?

We were challenged by leaders in various communities of color (including our staff), the Relational Worldview concepts, trauma-informed scientists and researchers, and research in mindfulness and brain theory to address in our new materials a true model of what transformation looks and feels like and to include strategies for strengthening our individual and institutional purpose. We present the following materials as a beginning; we will be using the logic model as our evaluation guide and look forward to sharing our work as it evolves.