ODE Logo (2014)Key Multnomah County values are social justice and sustainability. This work moves these values into action. We have reams of data telling us that outcomes in our county for people of color are worse than for our white counterparts. We have enormous amounts of community support to do this work meaningfully, and to go after the root causes of these inequities by naming and addressing racism in all of its forms. We have a public commitment to make this county a beneficial place for all to live, and to do that, we must engage and improve the lives of our communities most affected by inequities.

We also value the contribution we can make regionally, nationally, and internationally, and see ourselves and our populations as part of a global community. We are a founding member of the Governing for Racial Equity Network, and are honored to be working alongside leaders working for the City of Seattle, City of Portland, King County, Madison / Dane County, City of Minneapolis, and San Francisco Human Rights, to name a few.