I.D,E.A Logo

IDEA (Including Disability in Equity and Access) is the Employee Resource Group representing staff with disabilities and their allies.

We are individuals for whom disability (our own or someone else's) has a daily impact on our lives. All Multnomah County Employees are invited to join.

IDEA Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission: The mission of IDEA is to promote a culture of inclusion by providing leadership, raising awareness, valuing differences, identifying barriers and encouraging an accessible workplace that fosters equity, dignity, and respect.

Vision: Create a Multnomah County workforce that reflects the community we serve, drawing on the principles of universal access to ensure welcoming spaces that benefit people with and without disabilities.

Values: Creating a sustainable, equitable and inclusive work environment through:

  • Offering Peer Support
  • Providing Representation
  • Acknowledging Intersectionality Across Identities
  • Supporting Allyship
  • Attaining Agency Accountability
  • Promoting Best Practices

Who we are:

  • We're your coworker who has mental health issues.
  • We're your coworker with arthritis.
  • We're your coworker with a loved one with a disability.
  • We're your coworker who has hearing loss.
  • We're your coworker with low vision or color-blindness.
  • We're your coworker with ADD or ADHD.
  • We're your coworker with mobility issues.
  • We're your coworker with addiction/alcoholism.
  • We're your coworker with chemical sensitivity, migraines and/or asthma.
  • We're your coworker with diabetes, cancer, autoimmune, or other chronic conditions.
  • We're your coworker whose life is directly or indirectly impacted by disability.

Questions? Drop us an email at idea-leaders@multco.us

Current employees: visit the IDEA site on Commons.