We want to help recruiters and hiring managers understand the military experience and how their skills are positive attributes to have in our workplaces.

Strengths the Veteran can bring to the workplace include, but not limited to:

  • Working well in a team.

  • Teamwork is considered an essential part of daily life and is the foundation on which safe military operations are built.

  • Having a sense of duty.

  • Responsibility for job performance and accountability for completing missions are something to  take pride in.

  • Experiencing self-confidence. Holding a realistic estimation of self and ability based on experiences is expected of each  Service Member.

  • Being organized and disciplined.

  • Possessing a strong work ethic. In the military, the mission always comes first.

  • Having the ability to follow through on assignments, even under difficult or stressful circumstances.

  • Possessing a variety of cross-functional skills, such as extensive training on computer programs and systems,    interacting with various people with different skills to accomplish a task, and coordinating and troubleshooting problems  in novel and known conditions.

  • Being able to problem solve quickly and creatively.

  • Being able to adapt to changing situations.

  • Being able to follow rules and schedules.

Hiring a Veteran can result in the hiring of a dedicated employee who has developed valuable teamwork, leadership, and job skills. (Source http://www.va.gov/vetsinworkplace/valuableassets.asp)

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