The Gateway Center 10th Anniversary Celebration & Panel Discussion: Building a Future Without Violence

September 10, 2020

On September 10th, 2020, the Gateway Center celebrated its 10th anniversary with other domestic violence advocates and practitioners with a virtual gathering to collectively envision where we see domestic violence services over the next decade, as we work towards a world without violence. The virtual gathering included reflections on the Gateway Center’s journey, and a facilitated panel discussion with advocates, activists and survivors.


Reflecting on the Past Ten Years (30 Minutes) 

Susheela Jayapal – Multnomah County Commissioner

Martha Strawn Morris – The Gateway Center Director 

Alix Sanchez – Domestic and Sexual Violence Coordination Office

Envisioning the Next Ten Years (60 Minutes)

Claire Barrera (Facilitator) – El Programa Hispano Católico

Alexandra Appleton (Panelist) – Survivor and Community Advocate

Alexxis Robinson-Woods (Panelist) – Bradley Angle

Anna Vo (Panelist) – Transformative Justice Activist

Cory Lira (Panelist) – Portland State University