Domestic and Sexual Violence Coordination Office
209 SW 4th Ave., Suite 200, Portland OR 97204

Program Specialist Team

Alix Sanchez, DSVCO Manager Sr.
(503) 988-7522

Abby Gassama, Domestic and Sexual Violence Program Specialist
(503) 988-6440

claire barrera, Sex Trafficking Strategist Senior

Emilie Azorr, DVSA & Disability Program Specialist

Lee Watts, Sexual Assault Program Specialist

Maria Lamb, Senior Data Analyst

Domestic Violence Crisis Response Unit (DVCRU)

Annie Oldani, DVCRU Supervisor
(503) 988-0025

Emi Martinez, DVCRU Program Coordinator
(503) 867-0129

Pearl Adana, DVCRU Program Technician 

Gateway Center for Domestic Violence

Please use our team's shared phone number and email address to contact Gateway Center staff:

(503) 988-6400

Martha Strawn Morris, Program Supervisor - Gateway Center

Karina Rutova, Program Specialist Senior - Gateway Center

Amanda Lee, Victim Advocate - Gateway Center

Scott MacNeill, Victim Advocate - Gateway Center

Michelle Whitlock, Victim Advocate - Gateway Center

Kara Sydnor, Client Assistant Case Manager - Gateway Center