Women sitting at tableIf you are currently in or have left an abusive relationship, planning for your safety is critical.  Safety planning is an ongoing, dynamic process and plans may evolve as your situation changes over time.  We trust that you know your situation and safety needs better than anyone.  Sometimes, though, it can be helpful to exchange ideas with an advocate that can help you develop your own personalized safety plan or help you to plan for the safety of a loved one.  To speak with someone about safety planning in person you can visit The Gateway Center for Domestic Violence Services, or by phone you can call the Portland Women’s Crisis Line at 503-235-5333.

To get started on your own, you can browse the links included here or download a safety planning brochure in a variety of languages below.

Online Resources for Safety Planning:

  • The National Domestic Violence Hotline - Link with safety planning tips for a variety of circumstances, including living with an abusive partner, leaving an abusive partner, and post-relationship information.  Planning ideas are for adults, children, and pets.
  • Women's Law - Link with detailed safety planning information for different scenarios, including information for those attending court and for stalking victims.
  • Love is Respect - Safety planning for teens and young adults.  Includes an interactive safety planning resource.
  • National Network to End Domestic Violence - Features a special guide for safety planning with technology.

Printable Safety Planning Brochures:

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Chinese (129.97 KB)

Lao (53.36 KB)

Romanian (33.35 KB)

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