The Community Task Force (CTF) brings together a range of interests and needs from the broader community. Its discussion will include input gathered from specific groups, populations, representative bodies and advocacy organizations.

The CTF is made up of members who applied to join and were selected to meet a number of criteria, with the goals of:

  • Representation of an organization, group, interest or affiliation
  • Connection to the project, study area or communities of interest as they relate to the bridge
  • Diversity of membership to reflect the community demographics, age, gender, ethnicity/race and geography

Next CTF Meeting:
Will be on Monday, January 24, 2022 from 6 - 8 pm. This virtual meeting will be live streamed and a link provided on this website one week before the meeting. A meeting recording will be posted to this webpage one week after the meeting.

    Meeting Materials

    This page will contain materials from the most recent meeting and for the next scheduled meeting when available. The full collection of meeting materials can be found in the Project Library.

    Last Meeting: October 25, 2021

    Video recording of online meeting:

    Committee Members

    • Howie Bierbaum, Portland Saturday Market
    • William Burgel, Portland Freight Advisory Committee
    • Fred Cooper, Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association and Laurelhurst Neighborhood Emergency Team
    • Dennis Corwin, Portland Spirit
    • Marie Dodds, AAA of Oregon
    • Tesia Eisenberg, Mercy Corps
    • Peter Finley-Fry, Central Eastside Industrial Council
    • Stella Funk-Butler, Powell Valley Neighborhood Association
    • Jane Gordon, University of Oregon
    • Art Graves, Multnomah County Bike and Pedestrian Citizen Advisory Committee
    • Neil Jensen, Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce
    • Paul Leitman, Oregon Walks
    • Susan Lindsay, Buckman Community Association
    • Gabriel Rahe, Burnside Skatepark
    • Amy Rathfelder, Portland Business Alliance
    • Jennifer Stein, Central City Concern
    • Jacqueline Tate, Community Member At-Large
    • Ed Wortman, Community Member At-Large
    • Sharon Wortman, Community Member At-Large