To help inform the environmental study and learn more about the areas surrounding the bridge, the project team is taking soil samples, conducting surveys and mapping utilities at various locations under and adjacent to the bridge. From August through November 2021 there will be occasional construction activities associated with test drilling.

All drilling locations are within 375 feet of the bridge. This work will require large trucks and drilling equipment to obtain the samples. The drilling collects samples that are 8-inches in diameter. At each location, contractor activities will occur intermittently and last over the course of one to four days. While most of the work will occur during the day, some night work will occur. Noise levels can vary from the sound of an idling car to a garbage truck. Traffic control devices and flagging will be in place to direct traffic when needed.

Below are steps we’ll take to minimize noise impacts to our neighbors:

  • All equipment will comply with US Environmental Protection Agency noise standards.
  • Require construction contractor to locate equipment as far away as possible from sensitive noise locations and shut off idling equipment.
  • Use equipment with sound control devices to reduce noise.
  • Reduce truck movements at night.
  • Use silent alarms instead of standard reverse signal beep alarms on vehicles at night.
  • Prohibit equipment with un-muffled exhausts.
  • Maintain a 24-hour telephone response line (503.988.4884) for noise complaints.
  • Attempt to address complaints within 24 hours or before the next scheduled night work.

The project team has obtained a noise variance permit from the City of Portland to allow the contractor to do some night work between the hours of 6 pm and 7 am. Night work will occur at limited times to reduce impacts to daytime tra­ffic and local businesses.

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Questions or Comments?
To ask questions, submit a comment or learn more about these activities, contact Mike Pullen at or 503.209.4111.

Construction & Noise Hotline

For current noise complaints, call 503.988.4884 and the contractor will assist the County to address complaints within 24 hours or before the next scheduled night work.

Para obtener informacion sobre este proyecto en espanol u otros idomas, llame al 503.209.4111 o visite el sitio web de nuestro proyecto: