Scappoose School District - Measure 5-296

Ballot Title: 

Bonds to increase safety, repair schools; replace Scappoose Middle School

Question: Shall district increase safety, receive state matching funds; replace middle school; issue $110 million in GO bonds; audits required? If the bonds are approved, they will be payable from taxes on property or property ownership that are not subject to the limits of sections 11 and 11b, Article XI of the Oregon Constitution.

Summary: Scappoose School District proposes a bond not exceeding $110 million; eligible for $4 million state grant if approved

Bonds would finance capital costs to fund projects that:

  • Replace 92 year old Scappoose Middle School with new safe & modern school campus adjacent to Scappoose High

  • Improve Safety and Security: 
    • Secure entrances, alarms, cameras
    • Fire, intercom improvements
    • Remove asbestos
    • Improve accessibility to meet ADA requirements

  • Update & Repair Aging Schools:
    • Electrical, roofing, flooring, lighting, insulation, siding, windows, boilers
    • New HVAC to improve air quality
    • Replace deteriorating sidewalks, parking lots

  • Expand Student Opportunities:
    • Remodeled career and technical/vocational education spaces
    • Additional classrooms at high school for science, band
    • Improved access to band, math & CTE programs for middle school students

  • Site Improvements, athletic fields, demolition, furnishings, equipment, bond issuance costs

Citizen oversight committee, audits required

Bonds may be issued in multiple series maturing within 31 years from issuance. Estimated increase over FY 2023 bond tax rate Is $1.22 per $1,000 assessed property value. Actual levy rate may differ due to changes in interest rates and assessed value.

Explanatory Statement:

The Scappoose School District serves approximately 2,208 students in schools across 118 square miles. 

The Scappoose School District Proposed Bond Measure

The Scappoose School District is seeking approval for a bond not exceeding $110 million, with the potential for an additional $4 million state grant if the measure is approved. This proposed bond measure aims to address critical capital needs and fund various projects to enhance the educational environment and opportunities for our students.

Modernizing Education Facilities: A New Scappoose Middle School

One of the key projects included in this proposed bond measure is the replacement of the aging Scappoose Middle School. This 92-year-old facility is due for an upgrade. The plan is to construct a new, safe, and modern school campus adjacent to Scappoose High School. This move provides students with a better learning environment and also promotes a more integrated educational experience within the community.

Prioritizing Safety and Security:

Ensuring the safety and security of our students is paramount. This proposed bond measure includes investments in-fire safety and communication systems to meet modern standards. Additionally, asbestos will be removed from school buildings, and accessibility will be improved to comply with ADA requirements. These measures are crucial for creating a secure and inclusive learning environment.

Renewing Aging Schools:

Many of the District's schools are showing signs of age and wear. This proposed bond measure allocates funds to update and repair these aging facilities. This includes critical updates to electrical systems, roofing, flooring, lighting, insulation, siding, windows, and boilers. New HVAC systems will be installed to improve air quality and comfort for students and staff. Deteriorating sidewalks and parking lots will also be replaced, enhancing safety and accessibility.

The proposed bond measure also funds site improvements, athletic field enhancements, demolition projects, and investments in furnishings and equipment.

Expanding Student Opportunities:

To expand student opportunities, the District needs to create spaces that support a wide range of learning opportunities. This bond will support the remodeling of career and technical/vocational education spaces, giving students access to modern, industry-standard equipment and facilities. Classrooms will be added at the high school, specifically for science and the band program. The District aims to improve access to band, math, and career and technical education programs for middle school students, helping them explore and develop their interests.

Enhancing Our Community:

While the current Middle School no longer meets educational standards, opportunities exist to repurpose the building. For example, the City of Scappoose could repurpose the current middle school building for use as a City Hall.

Community Oversight and Fiscal Responsibility:

A citizen oversight committee will be formed, and bond expenditures will be reviewed as part of regularly required audits. Bonds may be issued in multiple series, maturing within 31 years from issuance. While the estimated increase over the FY 2023 bond tax rate is $1.22 per $1,000 assessed property value, the actual levy rate may vary due to changes in interest rates and assessed property values.

Submitted by:
Tim Porter, Superintendent,
    Scappoose School District

No arguments in Favor or Opposition to this Measure were filed.