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Initiative & Referendum Process

Multnomah County 
Petition process is based on Multnomah Co. Charter and Code and differs from the process in the State's manual. Please contact Multnomah County Elections if you have any questions at Multnomah County petitions are filed with Multnomah County Elections.


  • Metro petition process
    Petition process is based on Metro Charter and Code and differs from the process in the State's initiative manual. Metro petitions are filed with Multnomah County Elections and ballot title is written by the Metro Attorney. For more information on the petition process see Title IX 9.02 of the Metro Code.
  • Signature requirements - Numbers based on total votes for Governor in Metro District (portions of Multnomah, Clackamas & Washington county): 746,463 (Nov. 2022). Metro petitions are filed with Multnomah County Elections.
    • Charter amendment by initiative: 59,717 (8%)
    • Ordinance by initiative: 44,788 (6%)
    • Petition by Referendum: 29,859 (4%)

Special Districts - Community college, School, Water and Fire

  • Special District Petition requirements -  based on state statutes for type of special district - (Community College, School, Water and Fire). Petitions for Special Districts are filed with the county where the District administrative Headquarters are located.
    • For special district initiative and referendum petition numbers, please contact Multnomah County Elections

Other Jurisdictions - state and cities

Initiative & Referendum Petition Log

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Recall Petition Process

A public officer in an elective office may be recalled, whether elected or appointed. This is done by filing a prospective recall petition with the appropriate Elections official. City recall petitions are filed with the City Elections official. County, Metro and other Special District recall petitions located in Multnomah County are filed with Multnomah County Elections.

The prospective petition may be filed if the public office holder has served at least six months of the current term of office.  The signature requirement is 15% of the total number of votes cast in the public officer’s electoral district for all candidates for Governor at the last election at which a candidate for Governor was elected to a full term. The Chief Petitioner has 90 days from filing the prospective to collect and turn in those signatures.

Review the Campaign Finance Manual for recall reporting requirements.

Multnomah County Recall Petition Signature Requirements (15% votes cast for Governor - Nov. 2022)

  • Chair, Sheriff and Auditor - 54,907 
  • Commissioner Dist. 1 - 15,936
  • Commissioner Dist. 2 - 15,746  
  • Commissioner Dist. 3 - 12,764 
  • Commissioner Dist. 4 - 10,462

Petition Signature Requirements for other Districts

  • For special district recall petition numbers, please contact Multnomah County Elections.
  • For city recall petition numbers, please contact the city elections clerk.
  • For state office petition numbers, please contact the Oregon Secretary of State's office.

Recall Petition Log

Manuals and References


State Manuals - All of the manuals published by the Elections Division are available online.


Election forms - available from Oregon Secretary of State's office