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Data Requests

Obtaining a Voter List - Any person may obtain an electronic copy of a statewide or less than statewide voter list from the Office of the Secretary of State, Elections Division, or any county elections official. Requests for a hardcopy of a less than statewide voter list, labels, or other non-electronic formats must be made with the county elections official of each county in which voters to be listed reside. The Secretary of State, Elections Division does not provide hardcopy voter lists.

Orders placed with the Oregon Secretary of State's office can be done online, paid with a credit card. Fees are the same whether ordered through the Secretary of State's office or your County Elections office. Call the Secretary of State's office at 503-986-1518 with any questions.

Data can be ordered from Multnomah County Elections by completing the appropriate form below with a $25 set-up fee (cash/check/credit), and then the remainder paid (cash/check/credit) when the computer disk (CD) is ready for pick-up. Data ordered through Multnomah County is only available for Multnomah County. If a district is in more then one county, data will have to be ordered from each county separately or all data can be ordered through the Oregon Secretary of State's office.  Please call 503-988-3720 if you have any questions.

Precinct Maps & Data

There are currently 113 Precincts and 255 splits within precincts in Multnomah County.

Interactive online precinct map

GIS data - available to download

Precinct maps

District and Precinct Data
Voter registration reports from Oregon Central Voter Registration (OCVR) system. For monthly registration statistics, please contact the Oregon Secretary of State. The Secretary of State's office is tasked with collecting monthly statistics for State and Federal requirements. 

District Maps

District maps available below. If you need a specific map not listed below, please contact us.

Redistricting Information

Redistricting after the 2020 Census

Redistricting from the 2020 Census will begin in 2021 as Federal, State and local Districts redistrict electoral boundaries based on new 2020 Census population numbers.

The Oregon Legislature will act to draw Congressional and State legislative boundaries. Metro and Multnomah County will redraw council boundaries in 2021. Other local jurisdictions will act to redraw electoral boundaries in 2021 and 2022. Please note that due to Census data being delayed until Sept. 2021, some redistricting may take place under different timelines.

Redistricting Directive (PDF)

Oregon Redistricting

Updated timeline for redistricting

  • August 15-30th – Census Data Arrives
  • September 9th -- 2022 Candidate Filing Opens
  • September 20-27 - Legislative Special Session 
  • September 27th - Oregon Legislature adopts and Governor signs Congressional and State Legislative boundaries
  • October 12th - Deadline to challenge new Congressional boundaries in Court.
  • October 25th - Deadline to challenge new State Legislative boundaries in Court.
  • February 7th -- Maps MUST be Finalized by the Courts 
  • January 1, February 1, OR February 8 – new deadline to determine residency, depending on which entity completes redistricting and when legal challenges are complete.
    • January 1: If redistricting plan is complete by January 1st, this is the date for residency requirements.
    • February 1: If redistricting plan is drawn by Legislature and NOT final by January 1st, February 1st is the deadline for residency requirements.
    • February 8: If redistricting plan is drawn by Secretary of State and NOT final by January 1st, February 8th is the deadline for residency requirements.
  • March 8th -- 2022 Candidate Filing Closes

Multnomah County will develop new precinct boundaries in 2021 and 2022, by legislative district, based on the new electoral boundaries, following state statute. Precincts are administrative in nature because Oregon is a vote by mail state. One of the goals in developing precincts is to minimize the number of precincts and splits which create ballot styles for each election. Currently, there are 113 precincts and 255 split precincts in Multnomah County.

Historical Information on Redistricting and Precincts

After the 2010 Census, 2011 and 2012 were transitional years for redistricting of political boundaries. In 2016, some precincts were consolidated due to a change in the cap of registered voters allowed per precinct.

Below is information on the last redistricting process after the 2010 Census

Links below to older precinct maps and precinct changes. Districts and precincts change every ten years after the Decennial Census. Precincts may change during the ten year cycle as district boundaries change or the number of voters in a precinct change.

Precinct Maps

Precinct Changes - list of precinct changes since 1972