Occupation: Manufacturing Manager - Gerber Legendary Blades

Occupational Background: Plant Manager - Stryker Adel Engineer - Peco Mfg.

Educational Background: MHCC - AS degree in Mechanical Eng. Technology

Prior Governmental Experience: Appointed - Budget Committee - Corbett School District; Appointed - School Board Director (remainder of vacated seat #3)

Corbett Schools are currently in a good financial position. Our test scores are improving. This is a time where it would be easy to relax. This is precisely why we should continue with all diligence to improve our school system. It is increasingly more difficult to do more with less. From building maintenance to classroom curriculum, we need to apply our energies to ensure that we have an excellent school district today and 10 years from now. There has been much reform in Oregon education and I for one, want to participate in supporting the drive for excellence in our schools. The current goals for Corbett schools established by the board are right on track. Curriculum that ensures all students attain state benchmarks, establishing a school culture of trust and establishing a property management program that will support district goals. I support these goals and would like to continue in contributing to the fulfillment of the goals by serving as School board director position 3. I have served on the budget committee for 2 years and am currently serving as director 3 for remainder of this term.

(This information furnished by Michael Alan Jones)