Occupation: Program Director for Morrison Child and Family Services

Occupational Background: Program Manager with Edgefield Children’s Center; Volunteer program administration with several organizations, community volunteer, OSU Extension Service (4-H Youth Program)

Educational Background: Bachelors of Science OSU graduate coursework at OSU-no degree completion

Prior Governmental Experience: 5 terms election to Multnomah ESD Board of Directors

The question that was my turning point when assessing whether to seek re-election was ‘do you still have the passion for working with and for children’? My answer, a resounding YES. I believe our children to be our most valuable natural resource. As adults we are responsible for their development academically, emotionally and physically. We are one step closer when our education system provides the flexibility for students to achieve.

I have seen the challenges individually and collectively our youth face and have been fortunate to see their successes. There is no more rewarding experience than to see a teen receive a high school diploma when they never though it possible. To observe the excitement of sixth grade students learning while experiencing they’re natural environments, or to see the barriers broken and replaced with friendships and understanding of each other’s cultures make education real. It is so inspiring to see the pride and excitement of young people with special needs developing self-reliance and gaining the skills for independent living. Their successes, one at a time, keep the passion to help them succeed strong for me.

Education in Oregon continues to face challenges and opportunities. The key issues I will work for resolution on include:

  • Maintaining strong partner relationships with local school district and MESD
  • Advocating for a quality education for all our young people
  • Equitable funding of ESD’s and the adequate funding of Multnomah ESD programs
  • Procuring permanent facilities for students in ESD programs and creating quality assets for out community

Thank you for your trust in my past service to you, the taxpayer and to our children. Your vote is sincerely appreciated.

(This information furnished by Patricia Swanson Re-Election Committee)