Occupation: Attorney

Occupational Background: Attorney

Educational Background: Boston University School of Law, J.D.; Tufts University, BA.

Prior Governmental Experience: Vice Chair (2000-present), Director (1998-present) Multnomah Education Service District (2000-present); Hearings Officer Multnomah County Animal Control; Citizen Advisory Committee to Portland Parks Bureau, President, Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association

What is Multnomah Education Service District (MESD)?

     MESD functions like a co-op supplying services and programs in a cost efficient manner for local school districts. Although few are aware of MESD’s role in supporting our local districts and in educating our children, MESD’s services impact virtually every student in Multnomah. For example, last year MESD provided Portland Public Schools (PPS) with $19.1 million for services. A partial list of these services is:

Special education for students with physical, social or emotional needs;

Outdoor School for 3,450 sixth graders;

The opportunity to complete high school for parenting teens;
School to work alternative high school;
School nurses;
Printing and Graphics;
English as a second language programs;
Classroom Law Project;
School for incarcerated students;
Science curriculum support by providing live animals and plants for classrooms;
Hearing screening and Immunization tracking; and
Home school registration.

     Unfortunately, MESD is now facing state mandated funding cuts. Due to the Legislature’s equalization efforts, next year, MESD will provide only $16.7 million to PPS. This translates into real cuts in the quality of programs and the variety of educational experiences offered to our students.


     I will continue ensuring that MESD offers quality, cost effective programs to all of our students. I will continue to lead development of efforts to measure the impact our programs have on our students’ post-graduation success.

     You can contact your local legislators and tell them that you value the programs offered by MESD. Tell them to fight for recognition of the fact that Multnomah County Schools serve a disproportionatley high number of high cost special needs students. Finally, please vote to re-elect Harry Ainsworth.

Endorsed by Portland Association of Teachers.

(This information furnished by Committee to Reelect Harry Ainsworth)