Occupation: Home Executive

Occupational Background: 1st National Bank - Supervisor; YMCA - Instructor

Educational Background: Portland State - BA degree; Parkrose High graduate

Prior Governmental Experience: Parkrose School Board

Four years ago I ran for the board because I could see that our tax dollars were not being spent in providing our children with a quality education. What a difference four years makes.

Here is what Karen Rutledge, Jacki Bessler, myself, and others did for you during my first term in office:

  • During the first two years Mark Gardner and others attempted to block our reform efforts. So when one of the board members fighting our reforms quit, we brought in Jacki Bessler. We then had the votes needed to start improving things.
  • We revamped the central office, bringing in a new insurance company, new auditors, a new bank, and yes, new administrators.
  • We opened up the district’s financial records. Not only did we expose rampant waste (huge restaurant bills, out of district travel, expensive PR firms, and more), we put an end to it.
  • We are especially proud of the fact that we blocked the $3.2 million proposed expansion to the new high school. And a good thing too-Gardner and others had overspent previous budgets and we didn’t have the money after all.

The above reforms, instituted with the help of Jacki Bessler and others, were needed because our children’s future was at stake. My child, your child, and every child in our district, needs a chance at making a good living as an adult. This means receiving the best education that money can buy. This means not wasting money and spending your hard earned tax dollars where they belong - on our children’s education. We are now doing that in Parkrose.

We are aggressively focusing on improving test scores throughout the district. I am pleased to announce that the staff is rising to this challenge.

You can help me during my next four years: Vote Jacki Bessler for position #1.

(This information furnished by LaValley For Parkrose)